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Two years ago I went to the Moises E. Molina High School to get enrolled at the school. I felt so inferior when the secretary at the school asked me if I understood English and, after saying yes, not understanding a single word of what she said. The lady asked me to what grade I was going to be enrolled in and, even though I said 10th, I felt most like a Kindergartener. This feeling marked my motivation to demonstrate that it is never too late to learn something new. I had to retake freshmen classes instead of sophomore, my actual grade level, classes because of my lack of understanding to the English language. The kids in my classes used to point at me as the girl who could barely understand her name in English. This people would not take the time to help me go through this path of learning a new language and culture; instead, they would just sit to judge and laugh. When I tried to interact with them, they would not respond in a friendly way because I was not able to communicate with them in English. They did not want to talk to me in Spanish because they thought that being Hispanic made them inferior.…show more content…
I wanted to show them that being Hispanic does not make you inferior. Being Hispanic just makes you culturally different. So I read, wrote and practiced my speech in English every day. I participated in class even if I struggled explaining my thoughts. I asked questions to my teachers and stayed for tutoring. Until I got to a point in which I was at the same English readiness of those same kids who judged my intelligence. My teachers could not believe how I was able to learn everything those kids learned in just one year. Consequently, my counselor, impressed of my progress, allowed me to put me in the class that I was supposed to be in, the junior

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