Why Should Juveniles Be Tried As Adults

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There are certain laws made specifically to protect people and their rights, but when it comes to juveniles there are no laws to protect them in the juvenile justice system whatsoever. Youth are not able to purchase tobacco until they are 21, they cannot have sexual intercourse until 16, and cannot drink alcohol until 21. Why is it that adolescents have to wait until all these ages to do certain things and aren’t officially considered adults until the age of 18, but there are juveniles as young as four years old being tried as adults? It is only fair that adolescents have special laws just made for them in order to defend their rights as juveniles. Proposition 21 had been created and approved in the year 2000 due to a surplus of gangs and crimes in the 80’s, thus allowing juveniles charged with serious crimes to be tried as adults. This is where the justice system failed because now they are sending juveniles to adult prisons, where their surroundings and circumstances just make their situation even worse. Not only are these young juveniles being treated as adults when they are clearly not, due to their brains not being fully developed they definitely cannot be tried as an adult because they would absolutely be unfit for trial. Juveniles’ brains cannot entirely grasp nor go through the process of being tried and sentenced as an adult.
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