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This semester I read the books con academy and partially through touching spirit bear. This was an insane to see myself even do that I have not read a single book since the 5th grade. My goal was to read 2 books this semester, I thought that it would be hard but not impossible. Turns out it was harder than I thought it would be, I barely got through one. Reading is a fun experience but a really hard one to focus on. The first book was an alright read. It was a great book that had a lot of twists and had an interesting, thick plot. The next book would have been a great read, but I shot too high and came back with very little results. When I broke my arm I missed 5 days of school or approximately an hour of reading and I had too much homework to catch up. Since I only read the first book my entire essay will solely be based on how I felt when I read this book. The kind of books that I enjoy reading are the ones that have thick plots and twists, I really loved the dynamics of the characters in this book. The way that the story blended a subject like crime into a setting that it's not normally seen. I thought that the most intense part of the story was the gambling and the planning it put an image in my head of a kid…show more content…
He seems like a really nice person that only wants to help the kids he works with. His attitude is so interesting to me, the way that he is so willing to help him but at the same time will not let him nonsense the circle. He seems nonchalant but at the same time, very firm and strict about how he want s the character to act. In the book even when the main character got mad, Garvey was patient and worked with him so that it could end in the main character's favor. Garvey seemed always very calm. He even told cole stories about when he was a kid and had his own run-ins with the law to relate to

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