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Hello dearies! Last week I was invited by Zomato team for another foodie meet-up. The foodie meet-up was held at Fika in Capitol Greenstreet Building in Quezon City. The name Fika is a Swedish word which means "coffee or tea break". According to Mr. Mats Loo, Owner of Fika and Director of First Gourmet Academy, the restaurant is a project of the culinary school (First Gourmet Academy) which is also located in the same building. Fika serves as a training ground for students to showcase the skills they learned from the academy. These students where properly guided by the academy's experienced faculty in preparing the dishes. Fika started out as a coffee shop then later transformed into a restaurant that serves asian comfort food. The restaurant…show more content…
Made from oven roasted salted pork rind sticks served with vinegar dip. This dish is sinfully delicious. The pork rind sticks are super crunchy. Perfect to eat with beer on the side. Chinese Fire Cracker Shrimp. Spicycrispy fried shrimps wrapped in rice paper. Another beer-perfect dish. The shrimp is juicy and not that spicy. Dynamite. Made from long green chili and cheese wrapped in rice paper then deep-fried. This dish is literally "the bomb" spicy level is 4.5/5. I love that it's oozing with cheese. Also goes well with beer.Cantonese Pork Siu Mai. Made from steamed minced pork dumplings drizzled with sesame oil served with soy sauce and chili oil sauce. I love pork dumplings. Their dumplings has an authentic Chinese taste. The meat is juicy and goes well with the sauce.served with peanut sauce. The chicken meat is luscious. The peanut sauce goes well with chicken meat. Salads and…show more content…
image Korean Spicy Stir-Fried Squid. Squid sliced in thin strips then stir-fried in Korean chili bean paste. This dish is loaded with spiciness. Spicy level 5/5. If you like spicy dishes then this one is for you. image Thai Chicken Curry in Peanut Sauce. Chicken and vegetables simmered in Thai curry paste cooked with coconut milk and peanuts. This is my favorite among the dishes I've tried. The chicken meat is tender. The Thai curry and coconut milk creates a creamy flavor that goes well with peanuts. A must try dish! ♡ image Vietnamese Pork Stewed in Honey and Herbs. Pork slices braised for hours seasoned with curry sauce, honey and herbs. This is actually a sweeter version of our pork binagoongan. The meat is soft and juicy. The spices blended well with the meat. image Cantonese Barbequed Pork. Pork roasted in oven for hours then grilled and simmered with Chinese barbeque sauce with sesame seeds. The pork meat is super soft it actually melts in your mouth. A must try dish. Goes well with Chinese yeung chow fried rice. image Chinese Meat Balls. Pork meat balls and cabbage simmered with Chinese soy sauce. The meat is tender but a little

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