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Did you know that Georgia was a very special colony. Oglethorpe, an English general, along with twenty-one other men, created a charter to settle a new colony which they named Georgia in honor of King George II. They established that no man was to make profit off the settlement. The colony was established in North America between the Savannah and Altamaha rivers. Was the colony of Georgia a failure of success, based on the reason for settlement? To answer this question, I am going to discuss the 3 goals of the charter, which are charity(helping those in need),economics(production, consumption, and transfer of wealth), and defense(defending from or resisting attack).based on the reason for settlement as stated in the charter of 1732 I believe that Georgia colony was both a failure and success in some way.…show more content…
Albert B. saye states “It was estimated that one third of the original settlers lost their lives during the first summer”(Georgia's first colonists). The direct quote supports my baby thesis on charity because it explains what happened and why it is marked as a failure. It shows that many people couldn't handle the new environment. The main reason of these deaths was the outbreak of yellow fiber. Without the outbreak of yellow fiber there could have been a possibility of the settlement being successful. I believe that in regards to the goal of economics, the Georgia colony was a success. Benjamin Martyn states “the climate of Georgia was very healthy”(Document G). The direct quote supports my baby thesis on economics because it explains what helped the economy in his case farming. The weather and Climate of Georgia benefited all components of crop production (farming).The location was perfect for farming and the weather helped eliminate pests. The colonists seemed to really enjoy and appreciate Georgia's weather and its contribution towards helping

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