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REFLECTION Feeling uncertainty when entering the job market is a common phenomenon, especially following tertiary education. Students often feel unqualified, believing they cannot attain their desired careers, and even after achieving highly will seek to attribute that fact to extraneous variables such as nepotism, class and luck. This trend is known as ‘Imposter Syndrome’, and is an issue that must be addressed both institutionally and personally to ensure graduates, especially within the legal field, are equipped to manage the awaiting challenges. As I enter my penultimate year of study, I find this mindset negatively affecting my professional outlook substantially. Many of my peers have attained clerkships or other ‘stepping-stone’…show more content…
As someone who achieved very highly in pre-tertiary study, I had entered university believing I would maintain the same standard, however, I have watched my final grades fluctuate around averages that I would never have considered acceptable a few years ago. Despite this, I have found myself engaging in poor study habits and failing to prioritise my academic success. This juxtaposition is one that causes significant anxiety, not only in failing to meet my own self-imposed standard of what is an acceptable achievement but also trepidatiously anticipating the impression I am portraying to future…show more content…
This has including acquiring new study tools, incentivising myself to habitually engage through pure neoteric appeal. I am improving my time management skills by regularly attending classes, forcing myself to engage with the material before busy assessment periods. Importantly, after classes I have found pointless, instead of disengaging with the unit as I have previously done, I review the class and try to gain at least one insight I did not have before. I have found this technique useful in maintaining my motivation

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