Reflection On Discipline

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What I thought about this discipline going into the experience was… – How I plan to practice the discipline is… I kinda thought going into this whole thing, that it is going to be dumb and pointless and that I will not get anything out of being silent for one hour a day, but we will see what happens maybe I am wrong and god will tell me something I really don't know what to expect. It's gonna be really hard for me to be silent for 1 hour because I can barely stay quiet for 10 mins at a time... it should be really interesting what happens so I am excited to see the outcome. How I plan to practice this is by going into my room, shut the door and just sit in my bed and just see what god has to say to me… I will not look at phone or watch TV or anything like that, I will purely just sit there and see what god has to say to me. I will let my parents that I am going to be completely silent in my room for one…show more content…
As I know and God knows from this experience is that I need to be more patient in life and stop thinking about me all the time.Because if I was more patient I feel like I would be able to retain more information not just from god but from my family and friends. So I am going to try for now on to be more patient in life because it's really true you have to wait for good things to happen they are just not going to happen like everyone thinks.So for now on im going to focus more on god and be more paitent in my life

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