My Strength Essay Examples

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When referring to my strengths, I have always been interested in how accurate these words are and describe my personality. Freshman year when I took this test, I never thought that I would be sitting in the position as President of my sorority. To me, it’s extremely interesting to think that I have had these strengths for so long, and in college I am finally putting them to the test while challenging my leadership skills. Seeing my strengths on paper, helps me to be more confident as a leader for my sorority because I believe my five top strengths are positive for a leader of an organization to have. Each domain of these themes is a building block to my personality. These traits will help in my leadership ways, while also inspiring me to grow personally and…show more content…
No matter what I am doing, I strive to be the most talented one completing the task. With that being said, Competition proves to me my top strength. I have always held myself to a higher standard then most individuals, therefore leaving me to measure my success against others while wanting to be the best. The reason that I push myself and want to succeed is because even small victories help fuel my drive. After recognizing my competitive nature, I started to use this as a tool with my leadership style. When leading my chapter thus far during this semester, I believe I have pushed certain members to prove themselves and reevaluated the way that Gamma Phi Beta works. My need for competition helps me to strive to be the most efficient sorority by learning from other Greek Life leaders and putting these tools to use. I believe that it is important for members to prove that they deserve to be members of a tightknit sorority, therefore pushing each woman to showcase their talents to see who can succeed. I compete to win, even with situations when I am competing with myself, to make me a better
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