Darden School Design Thinking Process Model

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IDEATION AND CONCEPTUAL DESIGN PHASE According to Design Council’s (2005) four staged double diamond design process, ideation and conceptual design phase named as ‘develop stage’. In the D.School process of design thinking same step named as ‘ideation stage’ (Plattner, 2010). Lastly, Darden School design thinking process model (Liedtka and Ogilvie, 2011) named this as ‘what if? stage’. There are also other process models but the ingredients are similar and name is not an issue at all. In this thesis, Darden model would be use to test the hypothesis. So callled ‘what if?’ stage is the first step of the solution space in design process as coming after the problem definition space named as ‘what if?’ stage in Darden process. Briefly, this…show more content…
As follows, the ability of creativity is the abstract part of the same phenomenon. Brown (2008) simply expressed the methods of designers, accordingly it has to be feasible and viable (p.86). This explanation carries the issue of minimum technical, business sufficiency of designers. In the same way, Cross (1982) apparently illustrated, the phenomenon of design includes “man-made worlds” based on “making and doing” (p.221) in regard to its association to the application phase. Suppose that a person is an economist, besides having the other mentioned compulsory elements of the phenomenon. Then, she can accomplish as using design thinking in her discipline. So now, she is able to generate new solutions rather than picking the best existing solution as she was using analytic approach. Otherwise, if she were organically using design thinking before the mentioned act, new results tend to be better with clearly adopted methodology. Though, there are some basic exceptions in daily life routine which does not need technical or business knowledge,

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