Autonomous Robotics: Literature Review

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1.1 Overview Autonomous Robotics is a field with wide-reaching applications. It can be used For bomb shifting to autonomous devices used for finding humans in wreckage to home applications. Many peoples are interested in low power, high speed & reliable solution. There are many problems facing such design. Maze follower (solving) is an autonomous mobile robot, capable of transporting itself to the end of an unknown arbitrary two or more dimensional maze. Maze is typically designed path as white lines on black surface or black lines on white surface, with sharp turns, dead ends, false paths, & destination spot. In order to solve the maze several factors such as motor control, intelligent algorithm & navigation system must be addressed. In 1977…show more content…
Dexter was a micromouse created by Steve Benkovic with his senior competing in a micromouse competition. This robot used Motorola 68Hc11 as its controller along with a 32k backed battery memory RAM for replacing the insufficient memory space. The robot uses 11 IR sensors and the design was based on wheel chair design while the packaging was mounted by acrylic casing. The other sub components that included into Dexter’s’ design were plastic wheels and LCD display as information viewer for debugging and testing the performance while exploring in the Maze since in reality cant direct find out the error that shown by the software instruction and just can be view through the assistance of the LCD display. As been informed, this Micromouse managed to solve the maze in the competition using the algorithm but it did not made the fastest time to arrive the center of the maze but the design on the hardware part was a great…show more content…
This Micromouse was built by Indran A/L Thandavarian. This robot used Motorola MC68HC11E as controller with two stepper motors, whisker sensor and IR sensors. The base for the robot was formed by aluminium chasis with a big chasis as supporting.This robot actually is not very good in terms of the design. The overall size is very big in terms of the castor and the body of the robot compared to the other model. The circuit arrangement is very messy in terms of the jumper and it is quite a dangerous design in terms of the circuit layout. The special area for this robot is the sensor it implemented in it, beside of IR sensor it uses also whisker sensor. This brings the idea of another communicating way for the robot with the

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