1govea Framework Analysis

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1Government Enterprise Architecture (1GovEA) is the framework and methodology to guide agencies in the public sector in building the EA practices to improve service delivery in the public sector. 1GovEA Framework is a bold step to create EA framework and the development of common methodology to be adopted by the public sector. This will foster a streamlined architecture Information Communication Technology (ICT), to identify opportunities for consolidation of ICT infrastructure, create a framework for achieving interoperability of government systems and establish the concept (WoG) Public Services Whole-of-Government in the Public Service. 1GovEA main purpose is to provide a common approach, a set of steps and templates to ensure consistent…show more content…
Acting as a guide function, 1GovEA Framework describes the six main components of an agency should develop as it started to build its own EA practices including vision, principles, domain architecture, governance, methodologies and positions, tools and repository. The vision of 1GovEA is supporting the EA development which are Acts as a reference point for guidance on all architectural work and at the same time it relays EA objectives to all…show more content…
For example, to develop a structured program for training and developing efficiency drive development of 1GovEA practice MAMPU has started collaborating with the Institut Tadbiran Awam Negara (INTAN) which lead the 1GovEA implementation process through out all phases. • When in order to formulate principles 1GovEA Architecture, the public sector should have values that are more flexible, scalable and practical. EA principles provide a basic set of architectural standards to support the development of comprehensive architectural and guide the organization to carry out future initiatives in the public sector that can be change based on the agencies. • Why The vision of 1GovEA is underpinned by three strategic enablers that determine a strategy to roll out the initiative 1GovEA across the public sector which are Top-down mandate for the institutionalisation of 1GovEA in the public sector, Capability development of EA practitioners in the public sectors and 1GovEA adoption driven by agency’s Chief Information Officer. This is important because the strategic enablers will accelerates the public sector service delivery transformation in

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