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One of my favorite artists, Kendrick Lamar, has become one of the most outspoken rappers of our time. Through always listening and studying his lyrics he celebrates and honors black achievements. Kendrick goes into detail about racial issues that started back in the early 1600’s. He surmised if we cohere and comfort one another through hard times and that we will be alright. Also, we are all apart of God’s plan that he has set us. His song “Alright”, a power six minute masterpiece with affluent message attached to the strong motivation to change in our world. What I hear from his songs resonates deeply with me; there is much pain and sorrow in our communities. I’m so drawn to this song because it’s a positive outlet that pushes us to keep our heads up and. It motivates me to influence young ones that haven’t witnessed achievements and setbacks like I’ve experienced.…show more content…
He adopts the language of a mentally crippled man hitting rock bottom. He says “abusing my power, full of resentment that turned into a deep depression. Soon after takes us to a place in the song where it struggles for one positive outlet or “safe haven” as he has returns. Usually in the video out this time he and three other black males are in their 60s freestyle rapping. All numb to the feeling of four white police officers are the ones moving the car heavily with four wheels. We move into the intro and begin the actual video or what I’d call “radio version” that excludes his heartfelt poem and outrages freestyle. He again time and time refers to the name “Lucy” in his lyrical dishes, Lucy meaning Lucifer aka the devil. Lucy believes is something that’s in every one of us, and what we must all overcome to make for a better world. We all recognize the temptation is abominable and contra to God’s will. Essentially his one point he gets around to is “we gon’ be

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