Work Ethics At Chapman's Learning Center

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To be successful at your job you have to have good work ethics. Having good work ethics is what makes you stand out as an employer. As I was being raised and still to this very day I see how hard my parents work and that shows me to always be the best I can be at my work place. I’m a daycare worker and I’m currently working at Chapman’s Learning Center. Honesty, fairness, equity, and responsibility are all huge opponents in my work life. I have a huge responsibility with working with children because it is my duty to keep them safe and well taken care of while they are attending the daycare. Fairness and equality is used because we make sure all the children is treated equally and make every situation fair as rewards or punishment. In any situation I am put in at the daycare I am honest whether it is telling a parent what happened to their child or letting another teacher know if I done something wrong and messed up, because being honest I think is personally the best thing you can do at your job.…show more content…
Here are three examples that test my work ethics as a daycare worker. If I saw a child push another child down it would only be fair for the hurt child for me to punish the other child. I would then make the child say sorry and get on to them for putting their hands on someone else. If a child was injured under my watch I would then have to be honest with the parent as to what happened. Also, it is my responsibility to make sure my classroom is cleaned as the end of the day so the children will then have a clean, positive learning environment the following day. If I was caught being unethical at any time it could lead to a write up or if the situation was bad enough, I would end up being

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