Meursault From The Stranger

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“Don’t get me wrong, I like reading. But some books should come with warning label: Caution: contains characters and plots guaranteed to induce sleepiness.” Because of Albert Camus’s writing style the book seem to lack depth as well as a lack of connection to the protagonist. Camus's writing style was meant to force the reader to look "make the complexities of a man's life appear simple," (Camus, v) but it falls short of this goal and makes not only the book appear simple but Meursault as well . Camus's lack of depth and complexities in his writing often bores the reader and takes away from the connection a reader has with a good book. By getting straight to the point in all of his sentences the book seems choppy and disconnected. Through…show more content…
One example from the book is when Meursault discovers that Maman has passed away. He says “After the funeral, though, the case will be closed, and everything will have a more official feel to it” (Camus, 3) . It has been scientifically proven that as we read we form a connection with the characters because they have a purpose. As humans we have an evolutionary tendency to project personal thoughts, goals, and emotions on any object or character that shows agency. With Meursault’s story, there is no evidence of a purpose to his actions or a thought process. We are further distanced from Meursault by his lack of feelings. Empathy is a key technique that many author use to make the readers more involved with the novel. By remaining in the dark about Meursault's feelings, we can't fully connect or relate to Meursault's experiences. Empathy works best if we can associate a face with the character but with Meursault he is a blank figure with no defining features. When we identify a person with human objectives, our genetic code kicks into action to conclude whether they are trustworthy individuals or not. The three main human objectives are physical,how nice the look; social, how friendly and easygoing; and task attractiveness, goals that most relate to our own. Meursault lacks all of these qualities thus denying the connection between reader and character that makes a book

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