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When I began this project, I arbitrarily reached into the back of my closet (and by the “back,” I do literally mean that jeans were the last three items) and selected a pair of denim jeans. Perhaps unsurprisingly for a college student facing North Carolina-type weather, leggings, t-shirts, sweaters, and jackets were pushed to the front of my closet. Having never been a frequent wearer of jeans, the few pairs I brought with me to college were resigned to their spot at the very end of the rack. However, the inward and outward reflections necessitated by the Jeans Project has enlivened a pair of jeans that I never gave a second glance at into an item of visual culture with provenance, memories, and a narrative. My progress on the Jeans Project…show more content…
In all honesty, I expected the process of answering the Observation questions to go along the lines of: read the question, look at the object, do some measurements, record my response. However, I vastly underestimated how much effort goes into observing. Observation is not merely looking, it is thinking as well. Question #7, for example, asks, “What are the most unusual or unique aspects of the garment?” This is a question I am still contemplating as I try to think of what distinguishes my garment from not only the other jeans in my closet, but also other jeans I’ve seen in advertisements, on other bodies, and in the media. As of right now, I have recorded that my jeans are undeniably softer that many of my other pairs, but I understand that I need to push further on my answer. A similarly challenging question has been #14, which asks, “Are there any remarkable features in the construction?” The fabric of the jeans is stretchier than any of my other jeans, which allows the body wearing the jeans room to breathe. Nevertheless, this is also a question I will have to return to after more thought, which hopefully I can answer after observing some other jeans that my peers are working on in class on

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