Sharon Flake Flaws

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Flaws of Sharon Flake The story “So I Ain’t No Good Girl” by Sharon Flake is a story about a girl dating a guy named Raheem. The story takes place at the bus stop where the narrator and Raheem talk. While talking with the narrator, Raheem stares at other girls. Toward the end of the story, Raheem is seen kissing another girl. Flake uses unrealistic characterization between Raheem and the narrator that causes a conflict in their relationship. Raheem is a character that the character is dating. Raheem goes to school with the narrator, but he always has things to do other than spending time with her. “Then out of the blue he tells me to got to school without him ‘cause he’s got things to do.” I don’t like how Flake made Raheem the “cutest” boy in school because if he wasn’t, then we wouldn’t be in this situation.” He’s the cutest boy in school: an amateur boxer with six-pack and honey brown muscles that girls reach for even when they don’t know him”. Raheem is also selfish and jerk who would use the narrator for her money and would slap her if she talked back. “Raheem’s hand smashes the words back into my mouth; Takes out my wallet and puts then bucks in his back pocket.” The point of explaining Raheem is that he’s the main antagonist and the cause of the conflict.…show more content…
They always argue and come back in a back and forth relationship. ”So a few minutes after our bus-stop fight, me and him are talking and laughing again.” Raheem always looks at other girls when they are either talking or hugging. “He takes off his shades and eyes a girl passing.” Raheem kisses other girls and the narrator is okay with it. “Raheem’s all up in her face. Sunglasses off. Arms wrapped around her neck. His sweet brown lips pressed tight to hers.” By explaining what they have done gives a thought of what has been up with the

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