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I.C.E Revision: Space Exploration Throughout the years of constant research on astrology, we now know much about our solar system and the galaxies and stars within it. But the greatest innovation in our research is being able to send machines and even humans to space which is why we should further expand our knowledge. Space exploration has the exact amount of funding, possibly unite world leaders together, and help build careers for the future generation ahead. The topic of money is a very important and it should be known how much should we spend and use it for expenses like science and technology. The money that goes into space exploration is just the right amount, it doesn’t cost too much or too little. In a chart created by Chamberlin, it shows that, all others have 0.06 pennies of each federal…show more content…
It is stated in source E that, “Space sustainability asks that our explorations ‘do no harm’ and that we leave the moon, Mars, and space itself no worse- and perhaps better- than we found them” (McLean). Here, they want to preserve earth and decide not to explore it in its entirety because we can’t damage it any longer. However, that could possibly limit the future generations in further studying about it. It concludes in source A that, “ Manned space exploration is the path to how we should build a better life for ourselves here on Earth, and how we can give hope and provide inspiration for our youngsters to grow up, do the schoolwork, and accept the challenges that await them to make our world even better” (Livingston). If we limited the explorations then that would also mean that we limit the curiosity and possible interest of someone who wants to explore our galaxies and see them for themselves. That would possibly impact negative impressions on the adults, students, and children that aspire to study and to work in that

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