Essay Why Pro Athletes Should Be Paid

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Money is something that tons of people handle every day, some even deem that money is happiness. The average person’s salary is about 50,000 per year. Meet pro athletes, whose salary is worth more than any high-achieving career. Pro athletes earn so much money in a year; it could probably sustain them for life. I believe that a pro athlete’s salary should be lowered and the rest should be put to good use. Firstly, if a pro athlete’s salary were to be reduced, the remaining few can go towards the community or to charity. The money used for the community can be handled to create or enhance current hospitals. Many hospitals are packed with people in each unit, resulting in an unfortunate person to sleep in the hallways. If the money were to go to charity, it can be used to create new schools in developing countries and benefit students who have not had the chance to learn. In many impoverished places, children do not have the chance to learn for they have to work instead. With the extra money, it could really make a difference in the world, whether it is through medical care or education.…show more content…
Many of those who are pro-pro athletes’ salary argue that they deserve the money since they have sacrificed time and pain for it. But many other people have sacrificed a lot for their dream jobs, too. For instance, those who wish to be teachers must go through college or university, gain a bachelor’s degree and then go off to teacher’s college for another 4 years to teach at an elementary school. More, if they wanted to teach older students. Plenty of jobs require a college diploma and extra school related in the field they wish to apply to. The sacrifice pro athletes give are exactly like the sacrifice many other employees give, just in different

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