Reflection On Governance

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It is really essential to have a set of guidelines that direct us to perform tasks in a particular manner to achieve the optimal level of output. This writing is a personal reflection stating my meaning of governance explained by the first-hand encounter including risks associated with it and my social responsibility towards it. “Governance can be generally defined as the means by which an activity or ensemble of activities is controlled or directed, such that it delivers an acceptable range of outcomes according to some established standard” (Hirst, P, 2000). Governance consists of rules and practices associated with those rules, set by a specific individual or a group of people and the effectiveness of these rules and practices in carrying…show more content…
The agent acts as the principal in a business and is expected to work, without any regards for self-interest, towards the best interests of the principal. The agent-principle problem arises when some agents don’t act appropriately in accordance with the principle’s best interest and ultimately result in the inefficient working of the organisation. (Ross Stephan 1973). Suitable agency co-relation, in this case between me and the trainee would have been really beneficial as I could have let her know what she was doing was wrong and further, my relationship with my superior should have been a lot of confidence where I could have confronted her for the way in which her misdoings were affecting other subordinates and the…show more content…
“Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy functions as a self-regulatory mechanism whereby a business monitors and ensures its active compliance with the spirit of the law, ethical standards and national or international norms” (Rasche, A; Morsing, M; Moon, Jeremy, 2017). CSR can help reduce the financial risks and that all organisations can eventually benefit from performing CSR (Orlitzky, M. 2008). It was my responsibility, not because of the set rules but because this is ethically right, to stop my supervisor from doing this in the first place which would have been an example for other co-workers to make them realise that this unethical behavior would definitely harm the organisation in the long run. I also should have brought this into a notice of the higher management officers in my

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