Marine Policy Analysis

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Part II: Brief description of ocean policy in the key points Researching views and doctrines or planning for marine policy formulation is a difficult but fundamental issue. Because how the coastal policy of each coastal state is planned and implemented depends entirely on subjective perceptions of people. Our right understanding of the sea islands will have a consistent and comprehensive marine policy in all areas 1. Marine policy - the document is regulated by the state One of the fundamental issues, when planning and implementing maritime policy, is to recognize and consider the function of maritime policy. This is a fundamental issue, but unfortunately, the current perception on this issue is not universal. Things move and change over…show more content…
The role of marine policy always appears under certain circumstances. The function of maritime policy is regulated by the state to exercise the sovereignty, sovereign rights and jurisdiction of the state on the sea and the development of the maritime economy, which is the inherent function of marine policy for every coastal nation in the world. The presence of a state agency document regulating island activity is a representation of the state's authority over the territorial sea within its territory. Thus, the only way to assert their sovereignty over the state of the sea islands is to ratify the maritime policy to coastal states. This is an important content that is regulated by the international legal system and international consuetude on the establishment of national sovereignty. All state institutions of coastal states must carry out to form marine policy, which can not be entrusted to any individual or non-governmental…show more content…
Because of these objectives, coastal states have developed marine policy and the normative documents of the state not only stipulate how to implement measures to safeguard the island sovereignty but also aimed at preventing the risk of invasion of the sovereignty of the island from outside. It is true that, in order to assert an island under its sovereignty, the state is obliged to prove the process of establishing state sovereignty, which means that the state has issued a policy for that island whether or not it has not claimed the sovereignty of any other country. Marine policy is essential for human development. Therefore, states in the world and in the region can not unilaterally formulate their maritime policy in all aspects of maritime politics, socio-economic development, and defense - security, sea international cooperation, protect and maintain the marine

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