Mumbai Research Methodology

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1.8 Research methodology The study is an exploratory study of teachers teaching in self-financing courses in higher education institutions in Mumbai. 1.8.1 Profile of study area The present study is concerned with the urban dimension of working condition of teachers in self-financing courses, the empirical work being centered round a single city, Mumbai. It is the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra. Mumbai is the largest metropolis in India and the most populous city in the world. Mumbai is the largest industrial centre of Maharashtra, one of the most industrialized states of the Indian Union. Mumbai city retains the functions which brought it into existence as an administrative, communication and trading centre serving Western India:…show more content…
Along with rest of the India, Mumbai, its commercial capital has witnessed an economic boom since the liberlisation of 1991, the finance boom in the mid nineties and the information technology, export, services and business processing organization boom in this decade. Mumbai, being the financial capital of a country, always attracts several students from across the country and abroad, who are hopeful of being placed in large domestic and multi-national organizations after completing their education. Mumbai has two university and couple of deemed universities, prestigious and technology institutions, medical colleges as well as a host of high quality primary and secondary schools. Mumbai has highly renowned colleges imparting higher education in areas like engineering, commerce, medicine, law etc. Substantial efforts have created the infrastructure to achieve educational aspirations of a world class city of…show more content…
1.8.3 Methodology of data collection There are different means of data collection and they are called as methods of data collection. The method adopted to collect the relevant information was through personal interview with the help of interview schedule. Interview schedule was constructed with a view to collect data by the person who is being studied. The researcher chosen interview schedule because it was time saving for both the researcher and teachers, and it was reliable technique for data collection. It was also gave an opportunity to the researcher to have face to face interaction with teachers. An interview schedule was very carefully and systematically designed according to the objective of the study. The schedule was partly structured with close end and partly open end questions. Interview schedule deals with demographic factors, educational particulars and family particulars of teachers, along with the categories of income under which the total family income annually

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