Misunderstood Mind Activities Essay

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Misunderstood Minds Activities Visual Activity: When I did this activity I was only able to read the first sentence which was frustrating. It was upsetting that I could not answer the questions because I could not read the passage. I believe if it is possible that reading the passage aloud might help. I also believe that there has to be a way of making learning more interesting. Auditory Activity: When I did this activity I was unable to complete any of the steps. I was trying to listen to all the instructions which became impossible. The teacher did not make it clear that you were supposed to be doing the steps as she said them and ran through the steps pretty fast. When I am teaching I will give the instructions or steps one at a time and wait until all the students complete each step before continuing to the next step. Decoding Activity: When I did this activity I was unable to…show more content…
As an adult I still have a problem remembering all the rules and I am pretty sure they have changed since I went to school. I believe visual aids, such as posters, and developing interesting ways to aid in remember the rules would help students with this disability. In addition, I believe some one on one time helping the student get his/her ideas on paper will help the student. Using Basic Facts Activity: While I was doing this activity it was impossible to do because the tables were incorrect. Once again I plan on using visual aids, such as posters with examples. I also plan on using a variety of ways to reinforce the basics on a daily basis. I also encourage the families to find ways at home to help reinforce the basics. Spatial Activity: When I completed this activity I got it wrong. I think it might help to also name the shape and clarify the instructions. A student with this type of disability would need help from somebody who knew how to help. I would do whatever I could to make the activity doable by all

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