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Internet Of Things In Mobiles WHAT IS “ INTERNET OF THINGS” ? Before understanding about “Internet Of Things” , we need to know about INTERNET. Everyone might know about Internet . In these days , we cannot even think a day without internet. Internet is playing a vital role in everyone's day-to-day life. Internet is mainly used as a source for gathering information about anything we need. Apart from that , nowadays we are using internet for transferring money from one place to another , Online shopping , sharing ideas in social media networks and so on. We can define Internet as the Interconnection of One computer in one place with the other computers in some other places . Generally interconnected for sending and receiving data from one place to another. This interconnection also connected some other peripherals like printers and video devices. This…show more content…
This smart band senses the abnormality in him and sends the data to his Doctor and even to the Ambulance service in some critical stage. This process happens as the devices are interconnected in the network. This real time example might have cleared you all about Internet of things. The interconnections in internet of things could be both wired and wireless. INTERNET OF THINGS IN MOBILES : Mobiles are considered to be the gateway of Internet of thing. A modern smart phone could be definitely an example of internet of things . These smart phones could be used in many places in the upcoming IoT technologies . A smart phone contains about ten sensors at maximum . Smart phones have the ability to capture anything from the locations to the device orientation to light conditions . These sensors could produce two forms of data . They are Structured and Non-structured data. Structured data will be like GPS and acceleration data .Non-structured data will be like Videos and

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