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The Problem: Oman is facing a really big problem and if not find a quick solution it is going to destroy the health of every Omani. People think when they just throw a plastic bag it's not going to affect anybody, but really it affects humans, animals and plants. That one plastic bag can kill a lot of creatures because somebody didn’t care and just throw a plastic bag on the ground and just couldn’t but it on the recycle bin or any type of rubbish bins. The main problem is Omani people don’t have any awareness about what is going to impact them if they didn’t stop throwing plastic bags on the ground. Oman landfills are just not appropriate they burn the rubbish in the landfills which make it worse because that makes more pollution. But the main problem in Oman are the landfills. It has many problems like it is near the living communities. They need to change the way they get rid of waste to a cleaner and a safer way or they just recycle it so it turns from a bad thing to a positive thing. Solutions Elsewhere: In a country in Asia, MACPRESSE. (2014, December 14). researched some ways of developing landfills. So they supplied a complete solution package. What they did they removed, screened,…show more content…
The landfills are not given that much attention and some people think that landfills are not affecting Oman at anyway and the landfills are not affecting us. But actually, landfills are affecting us in many ways one of them are the methane gases when released into the air the gas is going to affect humans, animals and plants. The fact that Oman is not that much using recycling bins that mean all the recyclable things are going all into the landfills and this why I think solution number two is the way to

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