Midterm Answers On The Film 'Bicycle Thief'

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Midterm Answers Question 1 One characteristic of Italian Neorealism is the avoidance of a well plotted story. The story of Neorealist films is always not very dramatic or theatrically. The story is told in a humanist way that a Neorealist film depicts a life of ordinary people and ordinary things. (lecture) Thief, which is a typical Neorealist film, is a good example. This film basically tells a story that a man named Antonio lost his bike which is needed for his job, and he tries to find his bike with his son to get his job back. This story can happen on anyone in this world. Tons of people are losing their bikes and jobs every day. Unlike traditional films that something changes through the storytelling, it seems that everything keeps the same from the beginning to…show more content…
(skdfkjh) Antonio does not have a job at the beginning, and he ends up without having a job. He lost his bike, and he never finds it or get a new one again. And the end of Bicycle Thief is just Antonio and his son walking into the crowd. Their story is still going on and there is not really a theatrical ending. And unlike traditional film which has a cause-effect linkage (sadh), lots of things happen for no reason and do not cause any effect in Bicycle Thief. For example, Antonio and his son searches at the market for a long time and get wet because of a big rain, but they do not gain any result from these things. This part of story is not really helpful for the story telling, but it is what people will actually do in real life. Characters in Italian Neorealist films do this kind of things, they pay effort and probably gain nothing, something happens without causing an

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