Essay On Job Safety

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Job Safety One of the high priorities in a workplace is the safety of the employees and most of the time it falls back on the manager not following the safety guidelines. To show the effectiveness of protecting employees from injuries, there are four different studies that were performed over the safety of the job. It shows the linking together between organizational-level Human Resource practices and employee injuries (397). The four studies that have been studied most often are selecting an employee with job safety knowledge before hiring to ensure he or she knows the importance of safety on the job. The second study is to train the employees on how to be safe before he or she begins working. The third study is performing employee evaluation…show more content…
Before hiring an employee, he or she is not tested for drugs or examined for previous employment experience. However, it does exist. The study that was performed shows the research behind job safety. Safety is starting with the hiring process. The more safety knowledge him or she knows the lower the risk of injury to the employee. Knowing his or her prior work experience has been a good device before making a selection in the hiring process. A study showed that an experience employee knows the danger of an industry machines and the danger to themself. Therefore, being familiar with the machines lowers the risk of getting hurt on the job. Another fact that was stated is the employee’s personality and safety behaviors. If their characteristics of being social, confused, overanxious, impulsive, as well as showing anger problems have been linked to job accidents, therefore, learning someone’s mental status can be tested by giving him or her an IQ test, in addition, would lower the risk of job accidents. Having a low IQ test score shows that an individual does not fully gain the knowledge of the risk of how an injury is
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