The Girl At The Mirror By Norman Rockwell Essay

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The Unfairness of Life “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it,” (qtd. in “Confucius Quotes”). One must slow interpretation in order to recognize natural beauty, since it comes in all shapes and forms. The Girl at the Mirror is a simple yet meaningful painting which provides the viewer with an emotional foundation, Norman Rockwell does this by depicting a young girl looking at herself in front a mirror, followed by her ambitious yet disgruntled facial expression. Within the painting a series of specific details help in conveying Rockwell’s overall message. It is the problem of how societies ideal self-image and acceptance, creates this sense of pressure among individuals to be beautiful. An illustration is how childhood is a time in life when nothing was of worry except for keeping guard of that favorite toy. However in this case it is the complete opposite, the doll is seen thrown to the side of the mirror…show more content…
The repetition of red can be seen through: the lipstick on the ground, hairbrush, seat cushion, and finally the walls surrounding her. In addition the objects have a common relation logically suggesting beauty, creating a strand. The red lipstick and comb represents the piece that is a part of her, it allows her to change the way the she looks if wants, the type of free will that won’t stop her from what she wants to do. Next is the cushion she is sitting on, it is supporting part of the free willingness, it allows her, to feel good about the decisions she is making. Finally the red walls surrounding are reinforce the free will and ambition that is being represented. It allows her to do so with any constraint that would possibly be holding her back. Letting her feel more mature, and

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