The Importance Of Physical Reality

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Physical reality is not a reflection of a particular thing, for it is just a reflection. It is the ‘thing.’ It is a reflection of the unmanifested within itself. The unreal is the egoic fragmentations of reality-illusion, and the real is the reality in experience in which the light files of truth exist while in your body. When your lifetime is awakened to its unmanifested self, you could also say. The unmanifested life force, the unformed, is the essence of the ‘issness’ of your natural formless self. Spirit does not label its forms to find itself. It knows the beautiful balance between them both. It knows the Tao and the Physics, presently enjoying the ability to have a physical experience while learning about the depth of its own universe-self, yet it knows that all intellectual…show more content…
It would serve you well to remember what was just said, during your read of this book, so that you may recall the physical reality is not to be unexplored or discovered; but just labeled as set in theoretical stone. You are formless and immortal. The mind, which projects the code patters of form reversals, is a tool to paint life force into continuously changing place bonds, or to project spirit-being into its sense of self that has physical interactions. Planets follow the same principles. The obstacle is, the essence of you was lost in virus code and mental conditioning. Now the mind has taken over the reality, and will destroy the planet and all its inhabitants unless being is made aware of itself. However, since there really is no guarantee that humans will realize this truth and the essence of source energy always remains, it would make the destruction of this planet insignificant in the grand presence of life itself. There would be no denting into the formless realm of the source, for it is perfection and purity
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