Redemption In The Kite Runner

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Unlike Amir, Baba is only able to reach partial redemption during his lifetime in The Kite Runner because although he did a lot of good in the world he never really did anything directly towards Hassan to make up for the fact of not acknowledging that he is his own flesh and blood, and not being able to give him everything he gave to Amir. Baba took Hassan being his son to the grave with him. It was not until Amir went to Peshawar to visit Rahim Khan did he find out that Hassan was his half-brother. Rahim Khan explains to Amir, “He loved you both, but he could not love Hassan the way he longed to, openly, and as a father”(Hosseini 316). Baba always regretted not being able to do everything a father and son should do together with Hassan. In order to lessen the amount of guilt he has, Baba builds an orphanage thinking it will make him feel better.…show more content…
Baba came to believe that if he did enough good in the world, it would eventually make it easier for him to forgive himself for his past actions to Hassan. Although this might make it easier to forgive himself a little bit, Baba never does anything to actually fix things with Hassan directly. Causing it to be almost impossible for Baba to feel like he has fully redeemed himself for his actions. Baba’s relationship with Hassan also further proves his guilt. From buying him, birthday presents to paying for his surgery to fix his cleft lip. Baba explains, “Dr. Kumar is a plastic surgeon”(Hosseini 45). Every year Baba would buy Hassan a birthday present, but this year it's way more extravagant than usually. Baba pays for Hassan to get plastic surgery to fix his cleft lip. Baba feels so guilty that he fills the need to constantly sperg on gifts for Hassan thinking that it will eventually make up for all the times he wasn't able to be a father to

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