Choices And Identity In Divergent's Tris

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What makes you… you? Maybe it’s where you are from, your choices, beliefs, values, family, friends, appearance, opinions, work and interests. Two of Divergent’s most important themes are choices and identity. Throughout the whole novel, Tris has to make important choices that might change her life. She is constantly trying to figure out her identity, or if not trying to change it. When Beatrice is told that she is Divergent, identity and choices become more to be more present in her life. To be Divergent meant that you had qualities or values of more than one faction, and that you did not fit into society. Choices should not be taken lightly, for they can define who you are. In Divergent's society, 16 year olds are basically forced to choose the person they want…show more content…
Her time in Dauntless builds up and shapes her new identity, by making her brave and most of all, physically and emotionally stronger. Tris's true identity, being Divergent, is tried to be destroyed by antagonists, like Jeanine, but they do not succeed. She will never fit into their society, but she cannot be controlled by it either. It is when she chooses to understand and accept this that she finds her true self. "I feel like someone breathed new air into my lungs. I am not Abnegation. I am not Dauntless. I am Divergent. And I can't be controlled.” Such as in Divergent, in our real world we see people that want power, fears, separation of social groups and classes, that with the coming of age comes more responsibilities and decisions, and although not exactly the same, our identity is also defined by things which are shown in Divergent. For example, our beliefs, values, friends, family, and appearance make up part of our identity. In reality, many people struggle with finding out who they are and making

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