Catharsis In The Lego

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The Lego Movie, directed by Phil Lord, is an animated comedy movie about the toys called LEGOs which contains many Greek drama elements. The movie starts with president stealing the “Kragle” from the wizard Vitruvius. Before being defeated, Vitruvius recites the prophecy of a “special” who will find the piece of resistance and stop president business. Years later, in Brick City, which is governed by a set of instructions set by president Business, a construction worker named Emmet runs into a girl named Wyldstyle and finds the piece of resistance, which becomes stuck onto his back. He gets captured and learns of President Business's evil plan with the Kraggle. Emmet is broken out by Wyldstyle and they go to meet Vitruvius in The Wild West.…show more content…
There are multiple examples of the release of emotion. Firstly, a more minor example is when Princess Unikittys’ kingdom gets destroyed and she breaks from her usual extremely happy demeanor, and suddenly releases a wave of sadness and anger. Another example is when Wyldstyle tells Emmet her real name. After being so distant, dark, and broody, she shows she can be a different, emotional person. Finally, when Emmet becomes a master builder in the end, there has to be a huge outburst of emotion and feeling to finally accomplish that goal, as before he had an empty mind and acted like everyone else in the city. Hubris plays a big role in the movie during the entirety of the plot. For example, in Sophocles tragedy Antigone, Creon's excessive pride leads to him making the wrong decisions and having his entire life fall apart. In The Lego Movie, President Business is excessively prideful and wants everything to go his way. His entire evil plan is to use the Kraggle to super glue everyone where HE specifically wants them to be and the position HE wants them to be in, in order for the city to be “perfect”. This comes from him thinking he is always right and no one should contradict

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