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Ryan Lynagh Philosophy Final Paper Proof for the Existence of God using Lewis’ Moral Argument C.S. Lewis an atheist has developed the moral argument about existence of God. According to the moral argument, if we believe in absolute moral values or absolute laws, it is obvious that there should be an absolute law giver. An absolute law-giver can be only God. Thus, Lewis argues that if moral values exist God exist. It is indeed logical, that if a law exists, certainly there exists a law-maker (Compelling Truth). A law-maker should not be biased and should be perfect to take the best and righteous decisions. Hence, a very logical theory supports God’s existence (How does the moral argument support the existence of God?). Today, when almost every…show more content…
Torturing small babies or animals unnecessarily is morally wrong. For some time if we keep all the theories aside and look at the situation, any person would find torturing small babies wrong. The most important part that explains the argument is the question why? Why must one feel bad if someone else is torturing a small baby? Certainly, a person finds it objectively wrong. Because there are certain moral values in the universe which decide what action is right or wrong? It may happen that some people just ignore the situation while a few object (Wellman). Considering myself in the real situation, I would object because according to me torturing any person unnecessarily is wrong. Moral values bind me not because we are taught that it is wrong, but because we genuinely believe that torturing people is wrong. Hence, it can argue that moral values do exist because they guide our behavior in different situations. We are able to judge whether few actions are right or wrong due to some set of moral…show more content…
Such a law is above all men, and judges the behavior of every man whether or not we are aware of the existence of such law. Despite of all the critics the existence of moral law is logically explained. From the different arguments it is understood that there certainly exists a moral law and all the human beings are subject to the moral whether they believe it or not. When mind itself is a product of moral laws certainly there exist a moral universe with moral laws governed by the one who stands above all. Hence, it is proved that Presence of absolute moral values on earth affirms the existence of God. Works Cited 1. Compelling Truth. 2015. " How does the moral argument support the existence of God"15 Dec 2015 . 2. Scandalon. "Freud's Objection to the Moral Argument "15 Dec 2015 . 3. Wellman, Jack. " C.S. Lewis: Moral Arguments for the Existence of God." 28 April 2015. 15 December 2015 . 4. Wright, Robert. The Moral Animal Why We Are the Way We Are: The New Science of Evolutionary Psychology. New York: Pantheon Books, 1994. 5. Weber Anthony, “Arguments for God’s Existence: the Moral Argument.” TC Apologetics. (Feb 19 2012). Web. Dec 15 2015 <

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