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Remember watching rap battles in the movie 8 mile where Eminem was the main character? Well, it’s been 13 years since and battle rap has been getting bigger and will only continue to get bigger. Rap battles that have been uploaded to YouTube can have up to millions of views and I want spread that entertainment. I have a goal to make a successful battle rap application. The fan base for battle rap is huge. It is really entertaining because it has many different personalities. Famous rappers such as Canibus, Cassidy, and Dumbfoundead have all battled on battle leagues before. They have brought some of their fans from their fan base to the fan base of battle rap. Battle raps on YouTube can get up to millions of views. I know the fan base is huge, so I know and audience is eager for a battle rap app. Making a battle rap app would be something I would love to do. I am majoring in computer science; therefore, I am into technology. I love electronics, especially my phone…show more content…
It would be convenient because with an app, any person can have a battle anywhere they are as long as they have a cellular network connection or an internet connection. In rap battles, rappers can be personal with others and point out their flaws. A nice person would never point out flaws to a friend but in a rap battle it is acceptable. Usually after a rap battle, the rappers find out what their flaws are, and try to fix them. This makes them battle as a rapper. It can be difficult to find a rap battle; however, on a phone, you can battle people around the world. Any rapper would be able to do 10 battles in one day if they wanted to; they would sharpen their rhyme skill this way. Big rap battle leagues such as KingOfTheDot, SmackUrl, and DontFlop can notice talent on the battle rap app and book them a real live battle if they really are good. They can then promote their mixtape or album and try to help them get big. Rap battling helps out rappers in the long

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