The Importance Of Cultural Travel

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Cultural exchange has always enriched nations. Trav el and the rich corpus of travel writing about the home and the world has bee n a vehicle of this process of exchange. Perceived in at least two perspectives, t ravelling both within and outside the country for pilgrimage as well as leisure, the journeys are the rites of passage into more realms of experience. In today’s world travel is not only limited to some purpose but economic affluence has also allowed peo ple to take journeys which their ancestors might have just thought of during their y oung age. In the world of technology even the modern virtual tours through in ternet have also made the foreign lands more approachable for anyone to whom travel i nterests, whether or not they are…show more content…
In that case, travel and documentation of that journey becomes the most useful source for anyone to refer. Travel is such an act through which a traveller meets number of people, visits di fferent lands and accumulates knowledge of life through these experiences. Hence travel becomes a mode of knowledge for the traveller and readers as well. Interdisciplinarity is an integral part of any knowledge system. Seeking and dissemination of knowledge need multiple approaches including those gathered from literary works. Every literary piece is a tale in i tself and any good tale creates universal appeal to the readers even if it is out o f an individual experience and evokes 171 a local essence. Travel writing is one such genre which portrays experiences of an individual but when they are put on paper they blen d into observations and perceptions of lived lives in one culture or the ot her. A study involving more than one work for comparison indeed calls for two different or opposite variables. However, it only s erves to underscore the common or the unifying in those two. Such a study paves the way in linking the cultural,…show more content…
The critical study of both travelogues and novels has given a clearer conceptu al understanding of both these genres vis- à-vis their portrayal of reality – one through reflective-discursive and the other through imaginative-ruminative manners. Ficti on has always been a very popular form of literature starting from oral liter ature to the newest version of interactive novels made available on the world-wide -web. The juxtaposition of both these genres bring out the fact that quite a large number of writers and, increasingly, not a small number of readers are interested in the se genres out of which one was considered till recently a minor type of literary writing. Travelogues encompass all nature-scapes and fiction encompasses a variety in themes, travel being one of the most prominent amon g them. Rivers have been the fascinating force for the living beings as they hav e made their existence possible. The journey on the rivers had begun as necessity for li velihood but now exploration and wandering have become the added dimensions of the t ravel on and around the rivers. Travellers, Tourists, pilgrims, adventurers and mig rants have been exploring

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