Racism And Discrimination In Gran Torino

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American people came from different countries in Europe, Asia and Africa with the hope of having a better life and the fulfilment of their wishes and desires. (Mirco ) However, this hope stay a dream for many people and for a long time. After the independency and the writing of the constitution which started the equality of all people and the unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, (Mirco) American dream remains an illusion. In the film Gran Torino, the actors show the kind of life Americans lived which was characterized by racism, insecurity and violence. Since all were Americans, racism persisted between them. There were lack of unity and discrimination among Americans. First of all, people were identify not as Americans but as White American, Asian American, Black American and so one.…show more content…
Consequently, the configuration of towns was done by racial criteria and white should not live with Asians or blacks. This explains, in the Gran Torino film, the indignation of the grandmother of Korean family about the presence of Kowalski in their neighborhood. Since other whites had moved, the grandmother did not tolerate the presence of Kowalski. Also, the actors revel the discrimination as the major characteristic of Americans. There was not love and respect between people. For instance, Kowalski and the grandmother lived in a profound detestation and contempt. During about thirty second, they were exchanged discriminatory gestures (such as, spitting) and offensive words (Gran Torino). Racism characterized by the lack of unity and discrimination was an obstacle to the fulfillment of American

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