The Benefits Of Online Communication

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Since the blowup of social media over that past 10 years, it has made it alot easier for shy people to communicate with other people. Now that the social media is much bigger than it was years ago it is now easier for shy people to talk to other people because of the internet. The internet can also keep friends that dont live by each other in touch. If the kids in the classroom aren't paying attention or not having fun then the teacher can use the internet to entertain the kids while teaching them at the same time. Online communication is the way to go when it comes to teen communication. One of the best benefits of online communication is, that it helps kids that are shy to get out of the fear of being afraid to talking to other people. With…show more content…
When your friend moves away you are able to stay in touch with them by social media or text which is much cheaper than taking a road trip. Texting allows you to get to know someone in a more efficient way (Natasha Koifman). When you are speaking to a person, you must be polite and spend quality time getting to know them or it is considered to be rude or short with someone. When you text them you can communicate in short phrases or sentences that are on point and it is not considered to be rude or impolite. Another way that digital communication or the internet helps friends is if a kid need help with a school project at home then they can use the internet to ask a friend for help. Digital technologies help students to learn, recall and retain information. Lectures provide a retention rate of only 5 percent, (according to a report by Jeffrey A. Cantor, Dean of Extended Studies & Workforce Education at Norwalk Community College). The same report claims reading increases retention to 10 percent and audio-visual activities can improve retention rates to 20 percent. Some hands-on methods, including those with digital technology, can result in retention rates up to 90 percent. Many kids learn in different ways…show more content…
If kids are not having fun in the classroom then you can find something on the internet to help them have fun in the classroom. According to Dexway Language Innovation, “Students can fit them around their existing responsibilities and commitments, and can engage with multimedia content and learning materials at whatever time is most convenient to them”. What they are saying is that the students don't have to worry about trying to cram in other responsibilities on top of school. But with online learning they can still work on school stuff but at their own pace so they can have more time to do things they like to do. The internet makes it fun when it comes to learning because there is so much more than what other kids/ teachers know. According to Aline-Mwezi Niyonseng from Quantumrun “The internet provides a platform for online learning through virtual schools and videos, and provides databases of teaching resources”. What she is trying to say is that the internet provides a good platform for learning. It also has good videos and all other stuff to learn from that is easy. There is many ways that the internet can make learning fun, and much easier than face to face

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