Process Essay On How To Skin A Deer Analysis

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Sitting in the woods can be very tedious until the moment you get to pull the trigger. Your heart starts to pound against your chest, and you can feel the blood flowing through every vein in your body. This excitement continues after the kill shot is delivered. An adrenaline rush is the feeling one gets when killing a deer. However, this feeling can be cut short by having to pay a processor to skin your kill. Knowing how to skin a deer is a task that every outdoorsman should know. If one can take the life of such an animal, he should also be able to skin it. Skinning a deer is a very simple task and can be completed by almost anyone. By following these steps, one will find the task of skinning a deer to be very easy. Items: Rope Gutted deer Sturdy branch Saw Knife Sharpening device Bucket of water…show more content…
If you cut yourself at any time, you should immediately stop what you are doing. Make sure to wash your wound with soap and water and cover it before you continue to skin the deer. The reason for washing the wound is to keep the deer’s blood out of your body. If you fail to clean up, you can potentially get your wound infected. The first step is to get the deer strung up. You will need the rope, gutted deer, and a sturdy branch. Next, tie the rope around the deer’s neck and sling the free end of the rope over a sturdy branch or roof rafter that can support the weight of the deer. Once that is done, pull the free end of the rope until the deer is hanging by its neck. Finally, tie the rope off so the deer can hang without you holding it. Once you have your deer hung, you will need to get your saw. Use the saw to cut off all four legs of the deer. You should saw above the knees of the deer all the way through the bone until all four legs separate from the deer. Once this task is complete, you can start to skin the

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