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Playing at a park is one of my fondest childhood memories and no doubt my children’s favorite outdoor activity. Enjoying nature at a local park with friends and family all day and picnicking are one of the simple joys in life. In fact, El Paso is home to what could be a serene park with potential from its peaceful lake to sprawling lawn; Ascarate Park. Unfortunately, El Paso County continues to dance around the idea of renovating Ascarate Park and claiming financial issues. Revamping Ascarate Park holds the ability to enhance an active lifestyle among locals, promote a healthy well-being and increases value to surrounding real estate without creating a financial burden. As a matter of fact, adding additional outdoor activities would enhance an active lifestyle for multiple interest. For instance, imagine a park where you can bring your loved ones for a safe bike ride up to a quaint ice cream shop and cool down at a splash pad. A place where you go to enjoy the day while actively playing Frisbee Golf and paddle board around the lake. Even a new wooden playground with winding towers and drawbridges emulating a castle; the perfect place to play hide and seek! All of these ideas encourage physical activity among children and adults in an entertaining manner while…show more content…
A connection to nature directly affects our over well-being in settings like local parks. As noted by the National Recreation and Park Association, “a study by Penn State University showed a significant correlations to reductions in stress, lowered blood pressure, and perceived physical health to the length of stay in visits to parks.” Adding relaxing activities like remote control boats, swan paddle boats and movie nights under the star are beneficial to a relaxing day outdoors. Also, incorporating casual dining with scenic views of the lake and lush land significantly stimulates a positive mood and overall peace

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