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Why we travel ? Why do we travel ? As Pico Iyer mentioned in his article “ Why We Travel “ Travelling gives us the advantage of losing all of the stress around; moreover, it lets us enjoy a deep break. In addition, travelling uncovers the other cultures with a way that hearing or reading about cannot cover. Further more, travelling is more about feeling younger and reliving your life, it is about taking life slower so you could enjoy every moment in it. Iyer explained in his article how living the experience is totally different from hearing or reading about it. Iyer used different ways in his article to convince the people how travelling could change their ways of looking at the world. Iyer’s article is about how travelling could…show more content…
For example; he skipped some big reasons for why do people travel. He assumed that all people are travelling for having a break , losing stress and exploring other cultures. He forgot to mention the people that are travelling for work , education , medical problems and a lot of other causes. Moreover, in the article Iyer assumed that all of the people travelling are travelling willingly as he stated “ holidays help you appreciate your own home more…” he did not consider the people travelling because of poverty and people not being able to live in their country. In addition, he assumed there is no other ways of saving the humanity from abstraction and ideology as he stated “ Travel is the best way we have of rescuing the humanity of places, and saving them from abstraction and ideology. ” however that is not logical, clearly there are many other ways. Furthermore, he assumes that travelling into a place is always somewhere that we are always having fun as he stated “ Abroad is the place where we stay up late, follow impulse and find ourselves as wide open as when we are in love “ clearly again he did consider that there are some people travelling for other purposes than pleasure. Iyer did not focus on being logical enouph, he assumed a lot of facts that did not count on all

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