Pros And Cons Of Living In America Essay

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When people think of America they think of a house with a white picket fence, the perfect family of four, a stable job and living the perfect life. That is what people came here for is to have the perfect life without worry. By all means, we are not perfect. America deals with economic problems, healthcare problems and employment problems. We have many issues we need to work on to be perfect but living in America is not about being perfect. Living in America is about rising above all the tragedy, negative energy, disasters and every horrible thing that has happened in America. The truth is everyone is not a pocketful of sunshine. Most people are greedy and selfish. Most people have issues. Say a woman stops at the grocery store to grab a gallon of milk; she walks out and her window has been smashed. She does not bomb the car next her. The woman does not reach for her gun and cause trouble. She calls her insurance and 911 and simply goes on with her way. Americans take the higher road on…show more content…
We have had a couple, but it is not an everyday thing. Those are little pieces that complete America is beautiful puzzle.We rise above it all of the disasters, tragedies and all the negative energy. Our country does not blow up places when situations does not go our way. America is about walking down the streets and not worrying about who is behind you. It is about sending your children to get an education so they can succeed in life. It is about sacrificing yourself to better the people around you. In John McCain’s speech in Never Forget Their Duty he talks about his time in the Vietnam War, “For the benefit of all of us, beat Mike Christian severely for the next couple hours”. Mike sacrificed his life knowing he may not come out alive. Once he came back he went right back to the thing he was doing. We as citizens sacrifice everything and we give everything we have and rise above in the most darkest times our country

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