Real Education In India

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When Akbar ruled India, people were happy and content. It showed the greatness of Akbar, how well he understood the aspirations of people, how cordial were his relations with the neighbours and how greatly he managed the administration. Though he did not go to school, yet he had real education. On the contrary, Lord Lytton, one of the best educated administrators of his time, took draconian decisions while holding Delhi Durbar, curbing press freedom and partitioning Bengal. Could his education prevent him from being the most hated ruler? Real education, be it for an administrator or for a common man would mean all-round drawing out of the best in him, through his body, mind and spirit. The present education has deviations and efforts must be…show more content…
social, psychological, economic, ethical and environmental. We would also discuss the methods to impart the real education to each and every section of society. Society is the first to witness impacts of education. The current education system has resulted into people becoming bookworm. The societal interactions have decreased, leading to declining street smartness among people. Moreover, due to lack of people education on societal manners have lost their traditional etiquettes like touching the feet of elders, greeting people with ‘Namaste’ etc. Would education mean anything unless it can teach people to live in a society? Thus Real education must begin with social awareness and it must focus on creating wisdom to tackle problems of the day. It must teach the societal values along with empathy towards the weaker section. It should help society rise out of the compartments of caste, sex and religion to promote environment of peace and fraternity. Steps are needed to promote real education which could make our citizens…show more content…
Indian government has tried to introduce changes through its Sarva Siksha Abhiyaan, voucher scheme and Mid Day meal program for primary education. In the field of higher education, correspondence education, through open universities has opened new vistas providing solution to the problem of infrastructural bottlenecks and inflexibility of courses. However much more needs to be done. These changes must be brought at the level of individual to the level of government. The government can initiate with increasing accessibility of quality education through sharing of resources between private and public schools. Moreover revival of Gurukulas concept in a reoriented manner integrating it with modern day boarding schools could be the way forward in providing real education. . Moreover people’s participation must be ensured while deciding the curriculum and education policies. At the level of individual, everyone must try to teach neighborhood kids during his free time. Concepts like teach India campaign can be built into a revolutionary movement using the forces social media and civil society

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