How Does Technology Affect Society

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Artificial intelligent machines are replacing jobs and social relations at an alarming rate. And the smarter they get, the faster they’re going to be replacing us. I guess what I am saying is that this is not a subtle shift to more computerization, but a real threat to society and the human race. We all have different points of view regarding this matter. I personally contradict myself because I see the good technology as done e.g. a mobile phone that reads out loud messages to a blind person.(it reads the phone screen, who is calling, and the text messages) or a computer that can assist doctors with patients from another country. But bottom line, we need to stop and think how technology has impact our society, the good and bad. Computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. have become a trend, it is convenient and has become essential to our society, with everyone from…show more content…
Eighty-one percent of the energy a computer necessitates is expended during production, according to a study from the United Nations University. That is, it takes more energy to create the computer than it takes to run the computer for its entire working lifetime. That makes computers different than other household appliances, which tend to use more energy during their running lifetime than in production. As a result, no matter how good you are about turning off your computer, you are still implicated in a huge initial energy output. According to an article I read on Impact on Environment and Society - The U.S. exports 50 to 80% of its e-waste to poor Asian countries for “recycling.” That probably sounds like a positive thing, but what really happens to the recycle technology? Well, it seems that is being processed by poor workers in rural towns in places like China and India. Where informal recycling operations do not have the resources to safely
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