Speech On Youth Empowerment

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With the development in the society and with the development and adaptation of the modern sages there is huge requirement of youth empowerment. Indian society is developing but there is still requirement of development in many sectors and this can only be possible through the development of our youth. There is a requirement of raising voice which can only be done through our youth. Thus their empowerment and development is very much important. A person is said to be sexually exploiting or abusing a child when he or she exposes the child to sexual behavior or acts, that child may experience a variety of short or long term reactions as a consequence of that abuse or exploitation. Many children who experience sexual exploitation or abuse then they show physical, emotional, verbal or mental signs of abuse and exploitation.…show more content…
Child sexual abuse affects tens of thousands of children and young teens every year. Though sexual abuse is all too common, many adults are unprepared or unwilling to deal with the problem when faced with it, leading to underreporting of the crime and stigmatizing of the victim. Child sexual abuse can take many forms, but is always a violation of a young person’s rights, and increases the risk of many adverse physical and mental health conditions. An atmosphere of silence and poor communication around sexuality contributes to child sexual abuse. Programs can help empower young people to report unwanted contact and can prepare parents, clergy, and youth-serving professionals to recognize the signs of child abuse and take appropriate

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