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Most of the people acknowledge that it is essential for all of the countries to advance its transportation infrastructure. By doing so, it will spawn professions in the short term and, perchance more necessary, help increase the determination of the economy that grant employees to commute to their jobs and businesses to shift goods across the country. Developed economies face the challenge of renewing their ageing infrastructure assets at the same time as developing new infrastructure projects fit for successive generations. A country’s infrastructure base not only helps it to operate efficiently, but it encourages economic growth, in turn for creating more demand for even more infrastructure development. To develop new infrastructure firstly,…show more content…
A lot of people have a lot of concerns when with large-scale infrastructure first of all, it can cause people to lose their home and their means of making a living. One of the main causes of forced shifting globally is because of the large-scale infrastructure. For example, dams have caused millions of people around the world to lose their homes. Plus, many people depend on land resources for their living. As a result, they lose their ability to support their own families, plant crops for food and fish to eat. Moreover, it can damage the environment. The environmental impacts of development projects are one of the most important concerns. Some like water pollution on rivers for dumping wastes. Developing infrastructure is said to be a good thing but that is not the always case. Further, there are no solutions as the issues are very complicated. But, there are a few major keys to that can slice the way for a more proper approach to infrastructure development; people should know their rights. If there would be a new project for example, building a dam across a river for which you catch fish to eat and feed your family and they don’t ask your permission , pay you or share you this important information about the

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