Technology During The Industrial Revolution Essay

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The Industrial Revolution was a time of extensive and evolutional change. No longer was the main type of production up to the family and professional crafters, but instead up to factory owners and cheap labour. The needs of the family, the lord or the king were no longer the main reason to research or invent new technologies or weapons. Due to the rapid increase in production and science, technological changes brought to the militaries of Europe were greatly effected by the Industrial Revolution. Factory owners, scientists and military thinking entrepreneurs now had the possibility to gain from their research and inventions by means of making large amounts of money and prestige for themselves and their families. Many advances were made to the land, sea and logistical branches of the European militaries during the Industrial revolution. Military practices had not changed in the 200 years prior to the onset of the…show more content…
Never in the history of the world had the capacity to bring so much death and destruction been available at such a cheap price. The Industrial Revolution had the capacity to improve on old technology such as using percussion caps in muskets, and allowing every infantry man in Europe to hold a bayonet. It also had the capacity to create technology that would revolutionize warfare into the next century such as war rockets and locomotives, but there are many more technological advances that we have not seen. There were many advances in naval technology such as the submarine and the creation of metal steamships. There were also advances in artillery during the Industrial Revolution such as stronger materials to make the barrels and lighter weight materials for faster transportation. It was an exciting time of innovation and creation, which will forever be known, for the advancement militaries around the

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