Importance Of Vocabulary In Teaching

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A great professor, David Wilkins (1972), quoted that “Without grammar very little can be conveyed; without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed”. According to Multicultural & ESOL Program Services Education (2007), vocabulary is defined as the knowledge of conserve particulars about the explanation and inflection of words necessary for communication. Materials are referred as a concealed curriculum that involves viewpoint towards comprehension, enlighten, association of the teacher and student as well as values related to community (Littlejohn and Windeatt, 1989). In order to ensure a successful teaching session of vocabulary in an ESL classroom by using appropriate materials, English language teacher should incorporate the level of students, preparation of student’s interest and needs, meet the students' background knowledge or cultural factor, relevance and sufficient authentic material.…show more content…
Vocabulary also requires to be instilled explicitly in the aspects of teaching and adapting it as a part of the daily curriculum to promote English language development according to the suitability and relevance of the individuals. An effective and efficient English language teacher assembles the maximum use of the resources when designing a syllabus with suitable and relevant materials. ESL teachers should have foundation of knowledge about the subjects discussed in questions which is rather supported by an authentic interest. Most importantly, English language teachers act as facilitator to share their own information regarding the subject associated with the class and involvement of active participation of students in the learning

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