Railway Industry Case Study

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KSHITIJ SHARMA 14030141062 Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies & Research MBA-IT IT-STRATIGY ASSIGNMENT ON RAILWAY INDUSTRY 1. In the allocated Industry to you, identify a company which has successfully achieved Competitive Advantage by through IT Strategy. (Provide details how and why did you chose this particular company) As per April 6, 2015 These statistics clearly define Union Pacific as the world’s largest railway companies with revenue of 93.5 Billion US Dollars But when we look at IT Superiority in railway industry, Japan is railways have exceptional lead over other giants. 0 20 40 60 80 100 Union Pacific (US) Canadian National Railway(Canada) Central Japan Railway(Japan) East Japan Railway(Japan) CSX(US) BILLION (U.S) Dollars BILLION…show more content…
Heat is provided by heat-reclamation equipment, no supplemental heating is required. 4. How it was implemented? Cray (an organization which has been developing super computers since 40 years) has announced that the Railway Technical Research Institute (RTRI) in Japan has a pair of company’s supercomputers into a single virtual system performing complex simulations aimed at advancing railway technologies Comprised of Cray XC30-AC supercomputer, a Cray CS300 Japan is already using a super computer to manage and operate the current complex network with extremely high efficiency of “no accidents since last 50 years”. Japan has some of the fastest trains on earth and controlling them is not possible without high speed and accuracy of controlling systems  Shinkansen, Japan: 443 Km/hour (275.3 mph) -The Shinkansen are using 25,000 V AC overhead power supply -Can reach the speed of 443 km/h  “Japan's maglev train breaks world speed record with 600km/h test run” This is World’s fastest running train and very soon into operations 5. USP’s of IT Strategy Railway Industry in Japan runs of key strategy of R&D. Faster, more efficient and safer railway networks are contentiously evolved which is a USP of Japanese Railway industry. Such an efficient network ensures economic progress of country with a great

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