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Dielectric Properties of Human Blood of Patients Suffering from Jaundice Mohammed Ibraheem Altaf, Kaleem Ahmed Jaleeli and Adeel Ahmad Biophysics Research Laboratory, Department of Physics, Nizam College (Autonomous), Osmania University, Hyderabad – 500 001, India e-mail: dr_adeelahmad@yahoo.com, visionindia7@gmail.com ABSTRACT The paper reports dielectric properties of plasma, whole blood and 90% packed cells of blood drawn from patients suffering from jaundice. Dielectric constant, dielectric loss and electrical conductivity are calculated, measuring capacitance and dissipation factor of dielectric cell with blood sample and electrical conductance of blood at 1 kHz using digital LCZ meter. It is found that the values of dielectric…show more content…
It is observed that patients suffering from jaundice, dielectric constant, dielectric loss and electrical conductivity are high in plasma, low in 90% packed cells and in between in whole blood, when compared with that of normal blood as shown in (Fig.1, Fig.2, Fig.3). The increase in dielectric constant, dielectric loss and electrical conductivity in plasma for the jaundice patients is due to free radicals. Bilirubin plays vital role in influencing dielectric properties of jaundice affected blood as bilirubin is less covalently bonded and it diffuses in tissues easily. Hence, it affects plasma more than whole blood and 90% erythrocytes. The concentration of the blood cells suspended in plasma influences the dielectric behavior of blood therefore; the dielectric parameters are low in 90% packed cells. This is possibly due to the presence of erythrocyte membrane, which acts as an electrical insulator. In whole blood the dielectric parameters are in between plasma and 90% packed cells as it possess both plasma and 90% packed cell. Table.1 Data on dielectric parameters of jaundice blood and its

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