Corporate Social Responsibility In The Philippines Case Study

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1. The Future of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Philippines – What can be expected and what are the trends that would shape CSR in our country for the next ten years. Due to the slow growth of the Philippine economy, Corporate Social Responsibility was being implemented and practiced by the corporations. It is based on the Philanthropic stage or what we call “kawang gawa”. Philippine CSR practices are generally manifested through donations or gratuitous activities and the public views it as an obligation to help people, the community and the nation as a whole. In general, it is being observed as an apologetic activity or tactical response to potential crisis. As years passed by, point of view on CSR was changed and it has been…show more content…
Even luxury brands are becoming more transparent. Even the branded and high-end producers that are previously not traditionally associated with environmental impacts, human rights, and wellness are now required to consider social responsibility. 4. Collaboration continues the key. Collaboration of approaches and strategies. Philanthropic, transactional, and integrative stage also became the collaboration of strategies between corporations as well as non-profit organizations. 5. Rich data and communication technology enables companies to solve social and environmental problems at scale. Through the high technology that we uses now a days it is possible in the future that innovation on this technologies in the future will enhance our communication that will have an advantage of uniting the people and addressing the various social and environmental issues that the nation is facing. 6. Corporate social responsibility becomes an absolute mandate. CSR as part of the society is now a requirement and not only an option. There are companies that are previously not concern with the society and the social and environmental problems. Since CSR becomes a mandate, most of them become aware of their social…show more content…
Reestablishing Law and Order. Number one on Pres. Duterte’s lists even when he was still campaigning, this is to strengthen law and order in the country. Suppressing crime, illegal drugs, and corruption which he believes is hampering the growth of the domestic economy. He launched a time-bound campaign against illegal drug lords through the joint effort of Philippine National Police headed by PNP Chief Bato dela Rosa. He adheres to bring peace in the country and to settle the sustained conflict with the communist Moro insurgencies in the South, principally on the island of Mindanao. If all the efforts turned to positive, he plans to promote the area for tourism, agriculture, and infrastructure

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