How Is Harriet Tubman A Hero

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How did Harriet Tubman manage to exceed all of the obstacles that stood between her and her freedom? Harriet Tubman was an extraordinary heroine. She was a brave woman who put her life in danger to become free. Additionally, she was determined to fulfill her goals. Finally, Harriet was resourceful and smart with her decisions. There are numerous components which make Harriet Tubman an influential heroine. Harriet Tubman was resourceful and smart with her decisions. Harriet was smart and resourceful when she asked her master for land in return for fifty percent of the profits she made; this was smart since she could have land of her own. Additionally, when everyone was searching for her, she disguised herself; this was wise, since no one could…show more content…
Harriet was not held back by her handicap to achieve her goals, for example, Harriet did not allow her brain damage to cease her from becoming free as well as leading others to freedom. Along with that, Harriet was driven to earn two hundred dollars to pay for her freedom. Harriet was determined to continue her journey to freedom, despite the fact that a large amount of people were searching for her. After her old slave master died, she thought his death was her fault; therefore, she begged God for forgiveness. Harriet’s master at the new plantation allowed her two days off, so she sold crops in Bucktown. By doing this, she was driven to earn enough money to purchase her freedom. When Harriet and the runaways were trapped in the burning cellar, she was determined to assist everyone escape. Finally, after she first went on the route to freedom, she showed countless slaves the path to freedom, which was one of her goals. Harriet Tubman was strong-willed to accomplish her goals, although obstacles stood in the way. Harriet Tubman was an incredible hero. She was an exceedingly courageous woman who endangered her life to guide others to freedom. Harriet was extremely ambitious to achieve her goals. Finally, she was resourceful and smart throughout her path to success. Since Harriet Tubman was immensely brave, determined, and bold, she is a legendary

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